Summer Fun


Summer! The most awaited holiday of the year. When we’ve said Bon Voyage to our old school books, our holiday heads have been put into gear, and our school bags have been left out of sight until we return to them again at the dreadful start of the new year, when we have almost forgotten how to count in the 6 delightful weeks away from school.

It has been barely a week since the beginning of my exciting and fun-filled summer holiday, and I have already done more shopping than I had done in the entirety of last year, not to mention the amount of walking too! I think it’s safe to say that I have most definitely been “snap happy” with my new DSLR camera since my friend paid a visit I’ve been dying to capture every single moment of everyday whenever I get the chance, (quite frankly annoying everyone else.) When we are not wrestling each other to the ground in order to retrieve are phones from each other (to avoid the escaping of any secrets that may lie deep in our phones) or when we are not showing off our comical  dance moves, or bursting out into spontaneous karaoke sessions when our favourite songs play in the car, we are usually busy capturing the moments of our ventures, with the few days of pleasant weather on our side (with the occasional downpour of rain now and then) reminds me of how great summer can be!