Exams: Tips For Staying Organised & Motivated

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting for a year now (oops..) I think it’s safe to say I’ve had a lot going on, from sitting my GCSE’S to turning 16 (with results day still to come)  there has been much to keep up with as well as so much I have learnt that I would like to share with you.

Having had almost 2 weeks of school off already (and 2 months of summer still to go!)  I have been able to clear my head and reflect on my life in this past year which has been stressful to say the least. However, you can definitely be expecting many more blog posts on the way (a much more different variety of posts too)

Now having gone through the process of my very first major examinations it wasn’t nearly as daunting as it was tiring and by the end of my examinations I was more than used to the exam environment. During my 1 month ordeal of exams I came to realise that the pre-examination period was the most nerve racking than the process of sitting the actual exams (at least for me anyway).

I also came to realise that one huge part of sitting exams & preparing for them was organisation (one which I was never great at but am progressively getting better at) when it came to exam time I had organised all of my revision materials e.g. notes, cue cards, and revision booklets for each subject so that when it came to revising for each subject I would not be fumbling through the sea of letters and notes beside my bed(and trust me there were A LOT) in order to obtain what I needed.

Aside from that I’ve also learnt that  motivation also plays a huge part in sitting exams and by the last 2 weeks this had greatly diminished and to be perfectly honest what was keeping me motivated the most was the long awaited 2 month holiday.

Starting my work and revision early was definitely the best decision I made as it not only saved me a lot of time but a lot of worrying in the process. One really important thing that helped me was to take every exam as it comes and not to think too far about the later exams as you are most likely to lose focus from your current exams and stress you out.

Finding a revision routine or pattern for remembering information is also extremely helpful as by working this out in advance you can apply it to all your subjects to improve your performance and figure out what works best for you for example a few revision techniques could be:

  • Highlighting/ colour coding notes or words
  • putting notes into a pattern
  • rewriting and condensing information (maybe into cue cards)
  • Recording notes and listening back to them
  • saying notes out loud
  • Getting family members to test you (this is important so that it sticks in your memory)
  • LOTS OF PAST PAPERS and checking them with mark schemes
  • Analysing marks schemes to check the structure of your answers (this can help to formulate the perfect answer to long questions)
  • Study groups with friends (this divides revision up and makes it slightly more bearable)
  • Dividing info into chunks

And because I am a visual learner my personal favourite was to either draw out diagrams, formulating links between information, and watching some YouTube videos in which people explain certain areas or simply just supply notes on screen for you to read. (remember this technique is unlikely to work for everyone)

So if you are taking your GCSES next year, GOOD LUCK 🙂 and make sure you prepare well and get organised in advance but don’t stress too much and make sure you keep healthy, hydrated and look after yourself and make sure you get enough rest as this can affect your exam performance, but most importantly as long as you’ve tried your best you are sure to do great!